Value-Added Program Resources



A safe and efficient fleet begins with the hiring of safe and efficient drivers and owner-operators. How do you select the highest performing, safest, most efficient drivers? The JOBehaviors Driver Assessment brings the power of behavioral science to your hiring process. To assist our insureds in selecting high performing drivers and contractors, which as a group have reduced turnover rates and have consistently performed with higher levels of safety awareness; our program provides insureds access to the JOBehaviors Driver Assessment.  This online tool should be your first step in the evaluation of a prospective employee-driver or contractor. Utilized by some of the largest trucking companies in the country, including one with a large intermodal division, this tool will reduce turn-over, improve operating efficiency, and produce a safer fleet.  [More Details]


Smith System® Safety Training

Drivers and contractors can start out as good drivers and fall into bad habits. Some insurance programs establish the driver criteria and should a driver fall below that criteria, they must be let go.  The Intermodal Insurance Program will help you rehabilitate that driver by providing Smith System Driver training, free of charge. This 8-hour course involves 4 hours of classroom instruction, then 4 hours of on-the-road driving while being critiqued by the instructer as well as other students. With a maximum of 5 students per class, individual instruction is assured. Since this program began over 100 drivers have been rehabilitated and students have rated the course an overwhelming success.


AxiKit® Accident Report Kits

In the event of an accident, the very best defense comes from proper documentation of the accident scene. Each intermodal tractor is provided with the fully self-contained AxiKit. This kit contains a flash camera, with sufficient film to cover all angles of the scene, a step by step guide for accident documentation, fact form, witness cards, pencil, and reminder decal.

Fleetmentor® Online Resources

The Online Fleet Management Advisor – FleetMentor® is an online toolbox and advisor that helps you make critical decisions that impact your bottom line. Running a successful fleet requires effective management of your operations, personnel, and safety programs. FleetMentor® is the only service designed to assist you with all three.



Intelligent vehicle security and tracking systems: INTELEGARD – Theft interdiction installed for only $290, affordable for every owner-operator. Don’t recover an empty container; prevent the theft to begin with. INTELETRAK – GPS based fleet management tool, location updated every 2 minutes, including history of port transactions and detailed mileage reports. Build the functions you need for an unbeatable monthly service fee and no cost for hardware or installation.


Pricelock®Fuel Protection

Fuel is the single largest expense for an intermodal dray fleet, be it company-owned or owner-operators.  Large corporations such as airlines and national truck fleets have used fuel futures as a tool to control long term fuel cost for many years. Now through a special arrangement with Pricelock™, our insureds can use this same tool to control their fuel cost. Whether you use 1000 gallons per month or 100,000 gallons per month, this unique program can help you control runaway fuel cost.